[ Defenition: happening by or depending on chance. First Known Use: 1867 ]
Introducing Fluky, a concept app that runs on your smartwatch. Get instant notifications and alerts on everything fun happening around you, on the go. Never have the FOMO again, when you have the entire vicinity on your wrist. By using the GPS and the internet, on your smartwatch Fluky updates in the go. Get instant notifications about the coolest stuff happening around you, so you can never miss something fun because you were too busy rummaging through your travel guide and maps.
Design Process
Here is a rough ideation and thinking process behind the concept of Fluky. Various methods were used to determine the design process such as mind mapping, activity diagram, and the basic functioning of the system. These processes are integeral into figuring out the essence of the application.
Story Boarding
Two types of users were considered for the story boarding. Here is the story boarding of Sophie, note how the app is useful for her random shopping splurges.
Here is another example of Fluky in action. Here is Tim, like most of us he loves adventure. He also believes that having his eyes glued to his phone while travelling destroys the experience, observe how he overcomes this with Fluky.
Finally the screens for the application were formulated, They are as follows:
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