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About Me
20, User experience designer.

For the love of video games, run forward.

Here is my inner kid taking command and forcing you to run along the webpage, a whole page about me. As much as my work should speak for myself, it's always adviced to know someone a little bit better before hiring them, I might be a UX Designer by day and a serial killer by night for all you know. So move along and see what I can offer for your company/business!


I have studied in Lecol'e Chempaka, Trivandrum, Kerala my entire school life and I will be forever grateful for my alma mater for moulding me into the person I am today. I was the school captian from 2013 to 2015, which honed my leadership skills. My quirky cartoon drawings have helped me bag a few competition prizes as well as second place in the state cartoon drawing competition.


After one year of foundation course, I am currently pursuing my User Experience Design degree at MIT Institute of Design, Pune.

Why hire me?

Apart from knowing the basic designer's toolkit; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, After effects and XD, I also dabble in Interaction design, project research and creative development. I know HTML, CSS and Javascript (well enough to code this website from scratch). My main interest lies in Design management and finding creative solutions for products make the business ends meet. To see all my skills and achievements in detail, view my
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